The swirl

It doesn't matter how many times I asked wonderful V. and her family - I didn't manage to get the answer: how do Italians call the oh-so-Italian move of swirling the pasta around the fork? You know, sticking the fork inside the hot pile of pasta, and nonchalantly turning and swirling it until it's ready to go up straight into your mouth without staining the shirt.

The funny, yet obvious answer, at least in Rome, is Avvolgibile which means literally "roller blinds". How great is it!

And of course, the best place to demonstrate it is the trattoria L'Avvolgibile headed by Adriano Baldassarre, in one of the off-center spots of Rome. Baldassarre is also the chef-owner of the Michelin starred restaurant Tordomatto, and it seems that L'Avvolgibile is his happy place where he goes to cook homey Roman food away from the more elegant restaurant - but without compromising the quality.

A proper L'Avvolgibile's avvolgibile of tonnarelli alla gricia made by me in the expertise of a 2 years old Italian child

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